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Blueberry Gravlax

  • Two sides sockeye salmon, skin on
  • 1/2 cup coarse pickling salt
  • Two cups blueberries or salal berries
  • Food processor or blender
  • Large baking tray with a lip
  • Plastic wrap
  • Cedar plank the size of the fish
  • Small brick - the one you used for the cedar plank salmon will do



Day 1

Place salt and blueberries into a food processor and blend until you have a smoothie

Place one side of salmon (flesh side up – it looks orange) onto baking tray and pour the blended mixture over it

Place the other side of salmon on top of that with the skin side up

You should have something that looks like a salmon sandwich with blueberry smoothie oozing out of it

Cover just the fish with plastic wrap and place a cedar plank (or any long, flat piece of wood on top of the plastic wrap

Place the brick on top of the plank (it evenly distributes the weight) and place in the refrigerator overnight

This is the curing process and will stain the exposed sides of the salmon blue/purple


Day 2

Remove the brick and plank the following day and open the sides of salmon

Flip the top piece of salmon over so that the flesh sides are facing up

Reapply the blueberry cure that has oozed out onto both sides of the fish and return to the refrigerator for another day

Cover lightly with plastic wrap


Day 3

The follow day, remove fish from the cure and pat the fish dry

Discard the cure

Using a very sharp knife, slice thinly on a bias and serve on crackers

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